About Business Development

AgencyONE’s approach to Business Development is highly personalized and tailored to the needs and specific business goals of our AgencyONE 100 Producers.  Overseen by Partner Ed Leisher, CLU, Partner Gonzalo Garcia, CLU and Chief Business Development Officer Cathy Neifeld, JD, our Business Development Department travels throughout the U.S. meeting with new and existing AgencyONE 100 Producers, helping them identify ways they can strategically and exponentially grow their business.

Our business development services include:

  • Annual meetings with the AgencyONE 100  Producers in their offices
  • Quarterly Relationship Snapshot review and discussion to make sure that AgencyONE 100  Producers are meeting, or better yet exceeding their annual production goals
  • Weekly review of all cases with dedicated AgencyONE case management team
  • Coordination, when necessary, with underwriting, case design and marketing on each submitted case
  • Speaking, upon request, at our third party study group meetings
  • Attending, upon request, client/advisor meetings with our AgencyONE 100  Producers
  • Sourcing, researching and offering new insurance and annuity based sales opportunities and platforms