About Underwriting

AgencyONE’s Underwriting Department includes Partner & Chief Medical Underwriter Dennis Bartos, PA; VP Underwriting Jessica Caracofe, RN; Consulting Medical Director, Linda Alexander, MD; and Underwriting Associate, Julie Melendez. They have expertise in managing insurance capacity which has resulted in the successful placement of billions of dollars of life insurance for the benefit of high net-worth families. They are industry leaders that approach each case with specialized handling, consistently delivering the most competitive offers available. Our underwriters will clarify potential issues up front. They will discuss the perception of risk that a life insurance carrier will have about your client and how best to prepare your client for the insurance exam and financial underwriting process. AgencyONE matches the product to the carriers and then DIRECTS, not shops, the business. The department also understands the complexities of managing insurance capacity resulting in the successful placement of billions of dollars of life insurance both in the U.S. and internationally. Former clients include artists, actors, athletes and nationally recognized families.

Our underwriting services include:

  • Preliminary discussions to establish case goals and objectives
  • Our proprietary informal application
  • APS retrieval
  • Cover letter preparation
  • Informal submissions
  • Underwriting “Hot Line” for AgencyONE 100 Producers only
  • Carrier negotiations and underwriting advocacy
  • Detailing clients for medical exams

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