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Advisory Variable Universal Life

Finally: a life insurance solution that fits into the RIAs business model. This low-cost fee-based VUL was designed with the IAR in mind.

AgencyONE is proud to offer this innovative solution to help IARs:

  • retain assets under management
  • stay involved in the management of the product’s funds
  • receive fees directly from the product
  • provide their clients protection against mortality, morbidity, longevity, and taxes
  • offer high-quality investment options and riders to suit their clients’ needs, significant tax advantages, and fewer fees for greater transparency
  • and MORE

Nationwide’s Advisory VUL is designed to fit into the IAR’s business model with unique features that make it a popular solution for fee-based Investment Advisor Representatives and their clients.

Benefits to the IAR

  • It’s fee-based, which makes it different
    from many other life insurance products1
  • Charging fewer fees allows for more
    transparency and more money to be
  • It’s integrated into many of the top
    data aggregator platforms
  •, Nationwide’s
    free trading platform, makes trading
    easy and efficient
  • It attracts held-away assets and gives fee-based advisors the ability to make investment decisions
    within the policy.

Benefits to the client

  • It’s a new concept that keeps the cost of the
    guaranteed protection separate from the
  • It offers tax advantages that allow the client
    to potentially receive more income or have
    it lasts longer than a taxable investment and
    with fewer restrictions3
  • It offers riders to customize the product to
    the clients’ needs4
  • It offers high-quality investment options
    along with indexed interest strategies
  • Nationwide® offers Simplified
    Underwriting, which can provide a
    faster and more efficient underwriting
  1. The payment of fees needs to be agreed upon by the Investment Advisor and the client. These fees can be taken from other investments or through the policy as an investment advisory loan or withdrawal.
  2. Cost of insurance charges will begin after the protection period is over
  3. The Chronic Illness Rider is not available if the Long-Term Care Rider II is chosen.
  4. The prospect of tax-free income assumes the policy is not a modified endowment contract (MEC). Nationwide and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Clients should consult their legal or tax advisor for answers to specific questions. Loans may be tax free if Internal Revenue Code 7702 requirements are met. Loans and withdrawals may affect the death benefit, and additional premiums may be required to keep the policy in force.
  5. Simplified Underwriting is available to most clients, ages 18 to 64, up to $5 million in coverage

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