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Investors Benefit Advisory Variable Universal Life


An Advisory Life Insurance solution that fits the RIA’s fee-based business.

AgencyONE is proud to offer a solution that will help the RIA further diversify and protect their clients’ portfolios. This fee-based life insurance product supports your clients’ holistic portfolios and seamlessly integrates into your practice:


  • RIA friendly design
  • Seamless portfolio management
  • Solution for tax-advantaged investing
  • Cost efficient line-up
  • Optional chronic illness protection
  • and MORE

With Investors Benefit Advisor VUL, you can offer a cost-efficient life insurance solution for tax-advantaged investing that benefits both your clients & your business.

Benefits to the IAR

  • It’s fee-based and integrates & easily into your practice
  • Its technology coordinates with several investment management platforms
  • It offers tax-deferred cash value growth & tax diversification to help fill the gaps in you clients’ holistic plans 
  • Quality investment options from top fund managers with do-it-yourself options

Benefits to the client

  • Lower loads, fees, and expenses 
  • Optional chronic illness protection with the ExtendCareSM rider

  • Tax-advantaged account without a contribution limit
  • Tax-deferred cash value growth that can be withdrawn tax-free if your clients’ need the cash value
  • Choose from investment options under a variety of asset classes to help you diversify your portfolio

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